La Loma 2020

We are delighted to announce that La Loma will be reopening in December 2020 with many exciting improvements, becoming more immersive, accessible, delicious, and sustainable than ever before. Below are some project highlights.  

New constructions

We are building several new cabins made from locally harvested Almendro wood, and a main lodge / restaurant with breathtaking views over the Bahia Honda Bay. Below are some of the cabin renderings (we'll keep the main lodge and a few other additions as a surprise).

NOTE: Images below are digital renderings. Final builds and locations will differ slightly (hopefully all for the better!)

Expanded Farm and Chocolate Processing

One of our main areas of focus has been the expansion of the existing organic farm. To that end, we have been brought in permaculture expert Stephen Brooks, and local cacao specialist Meivis Ortiz, who have been invaluable in designing the new farm. Over 100 new fruit trees and edibles have been planted, for your future pleasure. We are also proud to announce that chef Victoria Canonico, Bocas' finest chocolatier, will be joining the La Loma team.


La Loma will now offer daily yoga classes in our new Social Area, with sweeping views of Isla Bastimentos, Solarte, and the mountains on the mainland.  Regular scheduled classes will be included in guest rates and private classes will be available. 

System upgrades

La Loma is getting some serious work done under the hood, too. Most notably, a brand new 58-panel 23 kW solar array with state of the art Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries will provide a dramatic increase in total power capacity.


The best La Loma meals are yet to come! Our chef plans to take advantage of the expanded permaculture farm, larger processing facilities, and new kitchen equipment to create some of the most delicious and interesting farm to table dishes you have ever seen. Expect to try new things and be wowed by the bounty of the jungle.

Community Involvement

Building on over a decade of supporting the local community, La Loma will continue to broaden its involvement with new programs in education and sustainable agriculture.