AGE RESTRICTION – Due to our remote location, gourmet dining, and serene jungle environment, the minimum guest age is 8 years old.

CHECK IN / ARRIVAL – To ensure the best possible experience, we pick up all guests from Bocas daily at 4 pm. Our private transfer leaves from Bocas Surf School in Bocas town on Isla Colon at 4 pm. If you are arriving to Bocas earlier, you may like to store your bags in our locker there. Renting e-bikes from Bocas eBikes is a great way to spend a few hours exploring the island. For a quick bite, there is a smoothie bar and restaurant right at the departure dock.  


After a scenic 20 minute boat ride across the Bocas bay and through the mangroves, our boat will bring you to La Loma's bay-side entrance where our staff will welcome you. 

If you arrive to Bocas after our 4 pm shuttle boat, we recommend that you spend the first night in Bocas town on Isla Colon, before taking our 4 pm shuttle the following day.

If you prefer to arrive directly to La Loma, we can arrange for a late airport pickup and private boat to transport you from town to La Loma. The price for this service is $60. Please note that the late flights can sometimes be delayed, and dinner starts between 7 and 7:30 pm, so it is possible that we may have to reheat your plates.

For more information on traveling to Bocas del Toro, visit our Getting Here page.

CHECK OUT – Room check-out is at 12 pm. Guests are welcome to stay on the property until departure time. We offer two shuttles back to Bocas town, at 8 am and 2 pm. If these times are not convenient, or if you have a different destination, we can arrange a water taxi for you.


FOOD – The jungle/farm-to-table dining experience at La Loma is one of our defining features. Our menu adapts daily to bring our guests the freshest possible ingredients in deliciously creative dishes. We always offer vegan and vegetarian options and can accommodate most other dietary restrictions. Our set three-course meals are served at large, family style tables, offering wonderful opportunities for meeting other guests. For those seeking privacy, we can also make private dining arrangements. Lunches are often safely packed so you can take them on your daily adventure.

Please do not bring any outside food as it can attract insects and other animals into the rooms.

To learn more about our permaculture farm and chocolate, visit our Farm & Chocolate page.

INTERNET AND PHONE CALLS – One of La Loma's principle goals is to provide our guests with the rare opportunity to disconnect from their busy digital lives, and instead tune in to themselves and the miracles of nature on our Caribbean-jungle island. For this reason, we limit internet access to a Wi-Fi lounge on the lower floor of the social area and encourage our guests to leave their devices behind when possible. For local calls, guests may use our reception phone. For international calls, a VoIP service like Skype on a personal device will be necessary.

MONEY & PAYMENT – The local currency is US dollars. Keep in mind that most places in Bocas only accept cash. There is an ATM at the bank in Bocas Town that you can visit before your arrival. Please be prepared to pay for your accommodation with cash at check-in to avoid a 3% credit card fee. During your stay, we will keep a tab of any alcoholic beverages, store items, and tours, which you can pay at check-out.  


WATER & ELECTRICITY – La Loma is 100% off-grid, powered by a robust solar energy system. Our purified water is mostly rain-caught, with a natural spring reserve for backup. We have a 3-stage purification system for drinking water so you can refill our reusable bottles. Each Bungalow has efficient LED lighting, ceiling fan, 110V outlets, and hot water. We ask that you only charge large electronics during the day. Please note that high-energy use items such as hair dryers or straighteners are not permitted.


WHAT TO BRING - Below is a list of some items you may find helpful to bring.


Rain jacket

Headlamp / Flashlight

Closed-toe hiking sandals

Quick-dry clothing

Bug spray and sunscreen (biodegradable and reef-safe please)

A good book


WHAT NOT TO BRING - It is very important that you do not bring any food. La Loma is located in a beautifully lush rainforest and there are many small insects which are attracted to any kind of food.


Please do not bring any high power consumption items like speakers, hair dryers, etc.

We also ask that you do no bring any plastic bottles or packaging, unless you intend to take it with you when you leave.


INSECTS – We are located in a rainforest, so of course there will be some bugs. This is part of the unique jungle experience! We have wonderful mosquito nets to protect you in the rooms and we recommend using natural bio-degradable repellent during sunrise and sunset hours.  


ACCESS – La Loma is one of the highest hills in all of Bocas del Toro, at just under 70m. Some of the cabins and the yoga studio have steep walks and are recommended for people in decent shape. If you have mobility issues, please check with us about which cabin will be best for you, and be advised that it may be difficult for you to reach the yoga studio.


HANDICAP ACCESSIBILITY -  We have made La Loma semi-handicap accessible. Please check with us before booking to ensure that we will be able to accommodate you. The access involves docks and boats that are not set up for wheelchairs. But, for the adventurous, it is doable. The closest hospital or doctor is in Bocas Town, but any specialist would require a visit to Panama City. 


SECURITY -  Due to our remote location, La Loma is one of the safest places in the world. We have never had any problems with theft. However, we still recommend keeping electronics and valuables locked up in the safe in the room. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any items lost / damaged / or stolen.


While we will do everything possible to ensure your comfort and safety, we cannot accept responsibility for bugs, water or electrical shortages caused by acts of nature. Thank you for your understanding!