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Gourmet 'off-grid'

Recognized for its freshness and authenticity, dining at La Loma is an unforgettable culinary journey. Each unique dish is lovingly crafted with bold flavors and textures, with ingredients--many grown in our organic gardens--matched in freshness only by their beauty. 

Jungle to table

Inspired by local recipes, our menus are developed from the foods that are in season in our garden. We love watching our guests' expressions as we introduce the locally grown fruits in all of the creative dishes prepared by our talented kitchen team.


We source many of our ingredients from our very own jungle farm, carefully cultivating trees by using organic compost, and never using pesticides or fertilizers. We always welcome a helping hand to harvest ingredients!  


Included with your stay

3 daily meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner

Natural juices

Coffee & tea

Dining Experience

Every night, we gather to share stories, celebrate life, and appreciate the abundance provided by our wild food forest.

The farm-to-table Dining Experience at La Loma is one of our defining features. Our menu adapts daily to bring our guests the freshest possible ingredients in this three-course gourmet meal.

Vegan and vegetarian options are always available.

The dining experience at La Loma is also open to outside visitors

(by previous booking only).

Join us for a night to remember!

If you wish to make a reservation, please send us an email to or text us on

WhatsApp at +507 6517-4718

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