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La Loma is all about the outside and the outside here is glorious – towering trees, deep green mangrove bays and glittering beaches. Whether you’re swinging in a hammock as blue Morpho butterflies drift by, wandering jungle trails or peeling cacao beans you’ll discover first-hand the magnificence of this tropical island.

We’ve handmade only 4 ranchos each inconspicuously sited in the verdant jungle. Using vernacular architecture, we’ve designed beautiful simple retreats made from naturally fallen trees, sustainably harvested lumber and other renewable natural materials such as bamboo and wild cane. Each rancho has a private bathroom with a hot water shower, comfortable beds with enormous canopy mosquito nets and furniture crafted on-site from local materials.

Solar panels provide power for subtle lighting and ceiling fans. Water is supplied from on-site springs and rain catchment systems. There are no TVs or air conditioners at La Loma only the exuberant sounds of the jungle, cool breezes from the bay and binoculars to watch life in the treetops.

You’ll need to be fit to stay at La Loma; three of our four ranchos are accessed by a steep 5-7 minute climb. The views are worth the hike.

Have a look at our information book (PDF).

We open the lodge to guests from Tuesday to Friday nights—departing after lunch on Saturday. Keep in mind that we require our guests to stay for either 2 or 4-night stays (3-night stays leave a single day which is very hard to fill. 2-night stays begin on either a Tuesday or a Thursday).

We will be open 7 days a week

Please note that not all of our rooms are advertised on booking websites. Please get in touch with us directly to find out about all of our availability. Please visit our Contact page for more details

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