If you go into the woods today.…

Keep your eyes open for a wild band of kinder­gart­ners. They’ll be in search of red-eyed leaf frogs or retriev­ing the night cam­era in hopes of catch­ing a glimpse of an arboreal anteater. August 2013 saw the start of the Bahia Honda kinder­garten. Stew­ar­ded by the won­der­ful Holly Hum­mel Bor­der and loc­ated on the farm at La Loma, 8 pion­eer­ing 5 year old stu­dents are delving into learn­ing the Montessori way. 

Developed as an adjunct to Monso Chi, the preschool star­ted by La Loma and run by our friends at Give and Surf, the jungle kinder­garten is the new­est addi­tion to the edu­ca­tion pro­grams in Bahia Honda. The goal is to encour­age the group to become con­fid­ent self-guided learners, equip them with emer­gent read­ing, writ­ing and math skills and foster a deep appre­ci­ation of the nat­ural world.  Oh, and they have a blast too.

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