Cherry flush

We’re all fight­ing over these gor­geous Sur­i­n­ame cher­ries; birds, pos­sums and small chil­dren alike. Also known as Pit­anga, the ribbed ber­ries provide a power­ful blast of anti-oxidants and are high in cal­cium. The flowers are an import­ant source of pol­len for honey bees. If you’re too impa­tient and pick a cherry that is any­where on the light side of a deep red color the tart­ness is mouth puck­er­ing. We’ve been munch­ing our way through them at the lodge, mak­ing coulis, com­potes and exper­i­ment­ing with a pitanga-tini cock­tail, made with vodka infused with Sur­i­n­ame cherry. Oh so healthy!

Surinam Cherry