Saturday, it’s tamales!

We’ve always loved these neat little pack­ages of deli­cious­ness and would snatch them up from street vendors in Bocas whenever we got a chance. But now if you’re at La Loma on a Sat­urday, you’ll be get­ting them straight from the bub­bling pot under the lodge.

Tamale queen Maria (girl­friend of Mr Kelly, La Loma’s res­id­ent farm man­ager and all round super guy) works through the night on Fri­days, soak­ing then boil­ing dried corn, cre­at­ing some kind of magical spicy masa (dough), sand­wich­ing in chicken or fresh white cheese, deftly wrap­ping the con­tents in a freshly cut bijao leaf and then boil­ing the par­cels over an open fire.  Mr Kelly wants it to be known that he’s not just sit­ting around watch­ing Maria at work. He per­forms the cru­cial tasks of col­lect­ing dry fire­wood and seek­ing out the per­fectly suc­cu­lent bijao leaves.

tamales2 tamales