Treetop birthing

Walk­ing up to the lodge the other day I noticed a vul­ture circ­ling omin­ously close. Up in the Cec­ropia tree around which the vul­ture was cruis­ing I checked to see if our part time res­id­ent sloth was still hanging out. There she was and on closer exam­in­a­tion (and with the help of chef Hilda, she of the eagle eyes) we saw that she was in the final stages of birth. You’ll not see the baby in this pic­ture but we prom­ise it’s there. Right after it was born the mother pulled it up to her under­side where it will appar­ently stay con­stantly attached to her nipple for 4 to 5 weeks. Now that’s attach­ment parenting.

And the vul­ture? It seems like he was wait­ing for the after­birth.  Quite the nutri­tious snack.